Sunday, December 20, 2015

Just a Man

There's a cliche going around these days that keeps some without responsibility. When boys are playing around and doing the wrong thing they will say "Boys will be boys." Or maybe "Men are men." So does that excuse bad behavior? Weak morals? Ignorance? Some of these men allow this notion to stick to them. "I'm just a man, ok?" No such thing. This is my call for men to be men and not allow themselves to fall into the trap of weakness.

I'm just a man
With my past, present, future in the palm of my hand

I don't mean the green or schemes but dreams of serene and clean and all of us redeemed
I mean
Hold my hand
If you trust me don't lust me I drop to my knees just to be brought to the stand
I'm built upon the rock to help bring you up out the sand

Me. When I fail to hold my own
Give a dog a bone because I cause my own alone home alone
I hold this chrome still warm from firing clones and blasting holes in the spiritual ozone
Your undertones are overgrown
Hold on, we're goin home
Amazing grace is the ringtone
Pick up the phone

I still don't understand
who I am
I still struggle with procrastination
Seeking validation thru instant gratification
Finding motivation to overcome a nation
Needing an operation to remove impatience
Needing interpretation
Seeking inspiration
Needing weekly rejuvenation
Sacramental reboot remember him

Struggles of man
Even as I wrote this it's hard controlling my mind
That natural man inside I wanna kick his behind
Cuz he just want me to rewind
To the last battle that was my demise
Think so much of myself
But I must care for everyone else
Else I'll be just another typical man who only cares about $, toys, and his wealth
I need to be God fearing, showing others the way
Instead of being quick to hit play, sing did you think to pray
I need to give a lady my whole day
I need to open doors, clean the floors and have a good report
I used to man whore because I couldn't endure
The pain of my past overcame me too many times o'or
I need to love a lady like I love The Lord
She is to come first before me
But still second to me because no one comes first before He
Because he blessed me to be with her hr taught me LOVE
Faith, hope and charity
Faith in what I don't see
But I see her and me into eternity
Hope that we will always be Christlike examples for our posterity
Charity 1 Corinthians 13 and Moroni pg 523

Over stand
Though mine never bothered
Remember incredible role of a father
The patriarch of the family
The role model to teach a child what it can be
To instill confidence in the unsure
To lead them to The Lord if they feel impure
To teach a young woman how a man should truly love her
and teach a young man that he should never think himself above her
To pick you up when you fall
To lift you on his shoulders to make to feel tall
To discipline but follow it up with care
That way they know the rules and that you'll always be there
To cheer them on at the performances and games
To be proud to be called by the same last name
Why do you think there's so many kids in gangs?
A boy needs a man to look up to for virtue
But if the man ain't around, who do they turn to?
Step up to the plate and walk thru the gate
Because no real men submit to the hate

Over stand
I'm just a man
past present future in the palm of my hand

I can build a house
I can destroy a home
I can open up my mouth
Or I can remain alone
I can lead a nation astray
I can teach children to pray
I can save a life which in turn saves others everyday
I can lead a young girl to promiscuity and anger
Or she can know that in my arms she's safe from danger
I can do anything I put my mind to cliche
What have I even put my mind to today?
What's in the music I listen to?
What's in the movies I watch?
What's in search bar when I'm in my room?
What's in the bottle water or scotch?
Am I a dope head
Or an I an old head
Maybe I'm just old school
Because they used to call the prophets old fools
Then the floods came
Watch out for the floods mayne

Here's the plan
I'm going to step up
Yeah I said it step up
If you're lying in the must
Then men arise from the dust
We must!
Stop this cycle of stupidity and insanity
Nothing is fair if it's feeding our vanity
I will work while I'm on my job
I will remain clean and not a slob
I will love my woman, 1, sing on it
I will love her forever that's why Ima put the ring on it
If you look in the mirror and grimace
Remember my brother that we are created in God's image
Here's the plan
I will be greater than the drink
I will be greater than the drugs
I will be greater as I think
I will be greater than porn mixing lust for love

I'm just a man
With my past, present, future in the palm of my hand
I'm assisting God fulfilling His plan
So so in reality ain't no such thing as
"just a man"
~ Eroc

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