Monday, October 5, 2015

I Change My Mind

There is a point in addiction where we give up our power of choice. When fallen enough we've given up our ability to choose. But when we make a single choice everyday to trust.

"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding."
If we trust in the Lord, we know we aren't in charge of our lives, but we are in charge for our lives. We have been given this life. But it is ours to give.

"Decisions determine destiny."

Every choice is ours to make. As soon as you say you can or can't do something, you're right. It's your choice to make something be or not. Take responsibility. Stop saying "I can't help it!" Because you're making it true. Change your mind. You know what to do for you. What will you be today?

Process of thought typically is ought or not
No matter the spot I cannot be bought
Stop many thoughts coming from the depth
I am if I think that I’m inept
I’m right if I don’t think I have regrets
What matters is what I ponder next
Can I play the guitar? or maybe the drums?
Is that who you are if you live in the slums?
You can teach you to fly you just need to know why
Who you are is where you’re from
Where you’re from you can become
Who you become is what you believe and do
What you believe and do is up to you
What will you choose?
I can’t do that it’s too hard!
Well, you said it
I can’t do this I don’t know where to start!
Well, you said it
I can’t control my thoughts!
Well, you said it
I can’t lie if I get caught
Well, you said it
I can overcome this
Well, you said it
I have done this
Well, you said it
But I don’t have to be!
Who I used to be!
Now you get it!
I choose my life!
I love my wife!
I build a house!
I do not fear!
I do not doubt!
I choose what I do every time!
I choose to fight!
I choose to climb!
I choose what I do every time!
I am free!
I change my mind!
I will follow Christ until I have life
I trust in His mercy
I’m done reversing
But rather rehearsing
for the theater of Heaven
Let me be leaven
I choose to follow you
Isn’t it about time?

I change My mind

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