Thursday, October 22, 2015

Afraid of the Dark (Part 3)

Greeted with smiles yet my heart beating in my throat
I tried to say hello but I froze I choked
So the meeting began, and I hadn’t yet ran
Feeling like a child who just needed someone to hold my hand
Then the sharing portion started aint no way I’d go
A man raised his hand and said “Hi my names Michael.
I’m very happy to be here because I’m an addict.
For over 20 years i’ve been at it,
I thought at first it was merely a personal problem
10 years later I felt like I was raised in Sodom.
Surrounded by fire
Falling from heaven
Resounded by liars
Falling from heaven
But the flames wouldn’t hurt the skin
You see I was perpetually burning within
Melting from sin, melting my kin
I got introduced to it by a friend
And didn’t think much on it because I was only 10
Little did I know this was the beginning of the end
Little did I know that it was the only time again, again
and again
I closed my eyes and it was 10 years later
Thought I was in love but was a hater
I wasn’t really a hater
I was a procrastinator, a masturbator, a fascinator
I only thought of what I need now, not later
Notice how often I said I?
You could say I was looking at the man in the mirror
Staring at myself and what was behind me always came clearer
But I couldn’t see all that was in front of me
Future, friends, and family loving me
I chose to turn my life over to my Father’s care
Now this burden is not gone but I can bear
He’s made me strong, but not perfect

I testify this fight is not easy but it’s worth it . . .

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