Thursday, September 24, 2015

2 fifty

250 days with my hands clean
I gotta do this business for my family
Can't build upon it if it's sandy
Cleared for takeoff before I'm landing
And it's only up we go
If I look down might as well say Geronimo 
But that's not the way we go
Nope not anymore
Everyday I will drop my knees to the floor
I will beg my Lord please give me another 24
 Please let me Jack Bauer these hours
And I will slay these days
The past me is a terrorist and u put an end to his ways
No more replays 
I'm on to the next game
The next week
The next hour
The next minute 
The next second
I will work with every breath in my body 
You've made me a force to spreken
And I reckon my Deutsch
Will forever rejoice 
As I make the right choice
I will lift up my voice 
Lord please continue to hear me pray
Thank you, for another day
Thank you for every single hour you've been with me
Please Father, bless me with another 2 fifty

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