Thursday, September 17, 2015

6:51 Thursday Night

Sitting on the curb looking at this mountain like, could I really move it?
Is my strength really strong enough to prove it?
Or could I really climb this mountain of regret?
I'm so afraid when I look at it, can I even take a step?
Prophet says God will lead you but you gotta move your feet
Can I pass this test? The learning curve is pretty steep
Am I strong enough?
Haven't I waited long enough?
Isn't God enough? 
As I ponder thus
The settled dust
On my mind turns to rust
As cursed I cuss
Hardheaded I must
Be rid of this lust 
On to this trust 
That I don't have for myself 
That hidden wealth 
That remains stealth 
Until you reciprocate yourself
Review your mental health 
Because your mind needs the belt 
Discipline your endocrine
As the cogs within you spin
Are you listenin? 
Him who wins
Is within
Will you give in? 
Give up the sin
Give it up to Him
The past is grim 
The future win
Is in your grin
Righteousness is in we
Adam fell that men might be
Men are that they might have joy
Joy will not be destroyed 
Let the troops deploy 
Boss up my boy! 
It's time

It's the climb

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