Monday, September 21, 2015

On a Train (Part 1)

You're waiting on a train, a train that will take you far away
You want to go, you're ready, there's no reason to stay
The feeling is southwest, I wanna get away
I'm back on this train not sure where I'm headed
Tears don't appear because I've already shed it
I think I'm coming to my stop but it only slows
It shows me what it knows
It knows where I’ve been
It knows where I goes
Smell the sulphur in my nose
I am the epitome of infamy
Servicing the secrecy
Protecting he who’s leaving me
Voting for indecency increasingly
Speeding down the tracks
With the wind at my back
But that ain’t where I’m lookin
Future’s coming quick, this thing’s bookin
So much forsooken
Forsaken, No fakin, Note taken
I am not he who boarded this train
Perhaps that’s why your boots shakin
Persuasion is in the air
Stop tryna say you don’t even care
I left this place with no despair
When I left this place I wasn’t prepared
All I knew is that I wanted to were
Wolf. Take the night life and coast
Darkness and boats
Down off the coast of goblins and ghosts
These demons surrounding in hosts
Damning the most, but only if I boast not in the most
High. At last I’ve arrived
Icy winds tried to push me aside
There played a song in the back of my mind
I will survive! I will survive!
POD I’m feeling so alive
The lost seem profound
The dog hates the pound
Yet it stays fed
Yet it has a bed
Though you ain’t someone’s pet
Don’t lose your head
Eating someone’s false leavened bread
Seek to follow the train
Sometimes you can’t see past the tunnel
But the destruction of the temple won’t be the rubble
The collector isn't after infinity stones
He's all about building infinity homes
He drank the chalice
To give you a palace
Are you on the right track?
Which road will you pick?
You better learn to act
Before you need a kick
Because everyone has a cross to take up
Get the work done my friend wake up!

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