Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Out of the Garden

Coming up living in blissful ignorance
I couldn't see past the beauty I was imaging
The trees the flora the fauna
Weather so perfect no snow no sauna
Didn't know glory or dishonor
Never heard of snakes or piranhas
I didn't know hate I didn't know heal
I Didn't know death but knew heaven was for real
Never saw the movie but the law was moving
2 main truths for all I was pursuing
It was locked in my mind that father knew what he was doing
Little did I know that blissfulness was witherin
Because one day wife came to me after a talk with slytherin
She told me to partake of the fruit given by the snake
That it would take me to a state where we could make or break, fake or create, love or hate, procreate and know mistakes.
To fulfill my role I knew it was time to go
Couldn't be without her, she was my side, she was my soul
So on we went from no consequence to full common sense
To see the arguments and the compliments
To understand my own incompetence
To have choice I had to know the bigger picture
Cuz you don't know what you don't know. Go figure

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