Thursday, September 3, 2015

Step 1: Honesty - Be real son

Step 1: Honesty

To be honest
I never thought I'd ever be this honest
Instead of being real I lived dishonest
I didn't believe the promise
I couldn't believe that He would forgive me
I couldn't see the blessings He'd give me
But I wanted Him to forgive me
But I wasn't ready to give me
That was the problem:
I only thought about me
I thought it was a solitary problem
I wasn't hurting anyone else
Just relied on and lied to myself
I could handle this no worries
Trying to do it myself made everything blurry
I had to let Him win
It wasn't a game, it was just sin
Give in and you'll be forgiven
For Christ He is Risen
Will you rise?
To step up you must first learn to kneel
Confession made the truth so real
Step into the meeting and I was no longer alone
Finally found a place that felt like home
So here begins the story of the prodigal son
I'm ready to begin logical. I put down the gun
I'm ready to talk
I'm ready to walk
Lead my way and I promise I'll go
Lead my way and I promise I'll go
No longer on the slippery slope
The way is up and now I have hope

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